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Welcome to the main public facing website of Teachers on Teaching, a community of world language instructors at CUNY and beyond.
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Latest news

September 2019: Registration is open for our annual conference on Friday November 15, 2019. Please find all information here. The event is free for CUNY-participants. One new member of our mailing list will win free admission to the conference!

August 2019: Save the date! Our annual conference will take place on Friday November 15, 2019 at Hunter College. This year’s theme is “When History Comes to Life: Experiential Pedagogy in the World Language and Social Sciences Classroom.” Sign up for our mailing list to receive an invitation.

May 2019: Check out the video “Conversations about art in the Italian classroom,” featuring Pearl River High School’s Italian students, their teacher Kelly Paciaroni, and Monica Calabritto as one of the special guests. Read more…

April 2019: Monica Calabritto and Kelly Paciaroni presented on their teaching and collaborations (including this site!) at the 50th Annual Convention of the NeMLA in Washington, DC. Read more…

March 2019: Our website is live! Please have a look around and find out more about this site, our events, the materials we offer, or sign up for our mailing list.